Kannawa Onsen

Beppu Kannawa Onsen
-Accommodation with the best open-air hot springs in Beppu-

Beppu Kannawa Onsen Oniyama Hotel

Oniyama Hotel

Oniyama Hotel is an accommodation facility where guests can relax in open-air baths and indulge in delicious dishes steamed in free-flowing natural hot springs.

[Phone] 0977-66-1121

335-1 Kannawa, Beppu-shi, Oita, Japan

Jigoku Meguri

Oniyama Hotel is situated at the heart of Beppu’s Jigoku geothermal sites. There are a total of eight geothermal sites in the area, six of which are within walking distance of our hotel.


OniishiBozu Jigoku Umi Jigoku Yama Jigoku Kamado Jigoku Oniyama Jigoku Shiraike Jigoku

Walking course

Oniishi Bozu Jigoku

Watch the hot mud boil and circles of all sizes appear on its surface - it almost looks like tiny, bald men are popping up from inside the mud.

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A mystical clear pond that is cobalt blue just like the sea.

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Kamado Jigoku

It originates from the tradition of cooking rice offerings using the steam off the hot springs for the Kamado Shrine Hachimangu festival.

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Yama Jigoku

The heat from the local hot springs are used to keep and care for many rare animals from around the world.

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Shiraike Jigoku

When hot water spouts out, it is colorless and transparent, but gains a bluish-white hue when it falls back into the pond due to the decline in temperature and pressure.

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Oniyama Jigoku

There are currently about 70 crocodiles and alligators kept here. It is also referred to as Wani Jigoku or “crocodile hell.”

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It's 5 min. by car from hotel.

Chinoike Jigoku

The oldest natural geothermal site in Japan. Its mud when boiling makes it the water turn red until it gushes out.

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Tatsumaki Jigoku

A geyser, designated a natural monument by Beppu City. It shoots out gas and hot water at fixed intervals.

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